45-Degree Angle Evans Clips Patented

  • Details:
    • Evans Company is proud of our own Scandinavian-made improvement to the Fagas Strap. Our 45-degree angle Evans Clips Patented have been custom designed and manufactured in galvanized steel and stone tumbled to provide longer-lasting, more customizable support for your furniture. With the Evans Clips Patented you have the freedom to customize your seat to your own personal comfort. The clips and webbing are sold separately (unlike the Fagas Straps), so you can cut the webbing to your exact length, attach Evans Clips Patented at each end, and snap them into your seat frame! The webbing will last 2-3 times longer than the original Fagas Strap. All you need is a pair of pliers.
    • Pricing: Evans Clips Patented and Webbing together end up being around half the cost of a Fagas Strap and will last much longer.
  • Are Evans Clips Patented right for me?
    • If your furniture has 45-degree angle slots, Evans Clips Patented are right for you. To determine the angle of your slots, find something stiff, such as a credit card, and place it into the slot. Look at the angle at which it stands apart from the seat frame. If it looks vertical, you have a 90-degree angle slot. If it is somewhere between horizontal and vertical, you have a 45-degree angle slot. [For 90-degree angle slots, you need the 90-degree metal grips which we also sell. For all other types of seat frames (e.g., those requiring loop straps or Expersprings), you may simply staple upholsterer's webbing to the seat frame or consult a local upholsterer.]
  • Instructions:
    • Measure the slot-to-slot distance BOTH from side-to-side and front-to-back on your seat frame. To create straps running front-to-back or in both directions (depending on your seat frame), plan for the straps to be 1-inch apart and simply calculate the total number of inches, rounding to the nearest foot. (Please do not measure your old, stretched out straps.) Click on Premium Upholsterer’s Webbing and select from the lengths available from the dropdown menu. (For example, if you need 30 feet, you can order 20’ and 10’, or you can order three lengths of 10’.)
    • Calculate the total number of straps you will need, whether your furniture requires just front-to-back, just side-to-side, or both front-to-back and side-to-side. You will need two Evans Clips Patented per strap. Click on Evans Clips Patented and select the quantity you will need from the dropdown menu.
    • Creating the straps: Cut the webbing 1/2 inch short of the slot-to-slot distance you measured so there will be some stretch. Use this piece of webbing as a template to cut the remaining number of straps from the webbing roll. With a pliers, crimp down the Evans Clips Patented WITHOUT CRIMPING THE 45-DEGREE ANGLE FLAPS. Only squeeze the part of the clip that grabs the webbing. Leave the 45-degree angle flaps to be inserted into your 45-degree angle slots. You will need to crimp one side, then the other, and possibly between the 45-degree angle flaps (if your pliers are narrow enough) to create a secure hold on the webbing while retaining the 45-dgree angle flaps. Repeat at the other end of the same strap, making sure the flaps are on the same (bottom) side of the strap.

Creating a Strap:

Measure the slot-to-slot distance in inches.

With a pliers, clamp the Evans Clips Patented to the ends of the webbing. DO NOT CLAMP THE 45-DEGREE ANGLE FLAPS ON THE Evans Clips Patented. Cut one strap length first, clamp on the Evans Clips Patented and see if it has desirable tension. if so, use this strap as a template for the remainder of straps.

Evans Clips Patented

Stretch the Evans Clips Patented Strap into the 45-degree angle slots, and weave the straps over and under one another.