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Fagas Rubber Straps $15.00 each

Fagas straps are still made in Denmark. The clip-end style has a metal clip at each end that fits into a 45-degree angled slot in the chair/sofa frame. Six sizes are available. (For 90-degree angled slots, scroll down for Metal Grips.)

If your old straps are sagging or broken, we suggest replacing all of them. Otherwise, support will only be on the new straps due to their tight tension. Each chair or individual loveseat/sofa cushion usually needs five to six straps to support one person.

Please measure the slot-to-slot distance on the chair/sofa frame in inches
(i.e., measure from where the straps hook into chair/sofa platform).
• DO NOT MEASURE OLD STRAPS, as they are stretched out of shape.
• DO NOT USE THE STRAP NUMBER FROM OLD STRAPS, as some old straps were made from different materials and therefore stretch differently.
• If straps run in two directions, both front-to-back and side-so-side, measure in both directions, as they are usually different lengths.

Straps must stretch several inches in order to provide proper support. We use the strap size specifications from Fagas. Use the table below to choose the Strap # that matches your slot-to-slot measurements. Your slot-to-slot measurements must fall within the ranges provided (e.g., if your slot-to-slot measurement is 19 ¾”, order strap#465). Follow Instruction Sheet for installation.

Please note that arm-to-arm length straps for loveseats and sofas are no longer available. Vinyl-covered spiral springs are no longer available. Please substitute upholsterer’s webbing for both. Evans Co. offers premier Pirelli Upholsterer’s Webbing (please scroll down to order).

All straps are $15 each. (If you are not pleased, we offer a full refund within
30 days from the date of purchase through Paypal)

Fagas Clip Style Strap Measurements

Slot-to-Slot Measurement Ranges (in inches)
**Your slot-to-slot measurements will fall within these ranges. Choose the strap # (to the right) accordingly**
Strap #
To 15 ¼" 325
5 ½" – 16 ¾" 385
17" – 18" 405
18 ¼" – 19 ½" 425
19 ¾" – 21" 465
21 ¼" – 25" 500
Choose Strap Size:

Upholsterer's Webbing $3.50 per foot

Our Pirelli Upholsterer's Webbing is rubber webbing woven with a textile inlay that is 2 inches wide.

To measure, follow path of old webbing, add minimum of 1 inch at each end to attach. Secure with heavy-duty stapes or nails (do not use furniture tacks as they will pop out with pressure). We do not cut to individual strap size but send order in one piece. To make strap template, attach end of roll to chair. Pull taught across to other side of chair frame and, leaving enough room to staple or nail, mark where to cut. Use this piece as template for cutting other webbing pieces.

To substitute webbing for loop straps: Measure the opening and add 10 inches to each length. Cut and remove old straps. Cut doweling into sections for each individual piece of webbing. Cut new webbing into required lengths including the extra 10 inches. Insert webbing through the slot underneath the side of the platform, pull through 5 inches, place the cut dowel against the slot opening, pull the end of webbing up through the slot so it is underneath the long length of webbing. Then repeat on the opposite side.

$3.50 per foot. (No refunds on webbing orders, as webbing is cut for each specific order)

Metal Grips $1.00 each

These grips are to be used with webbing only. They will only work in slots that have straight edges, i.e. 90-degree angles. These grips will not fit into the narrow, 45-degree angled slots that are used to house Fagas clip straps. To order metal grips with webbing, be sure to allow an extra 1 inch per length of webbing required to fit the grips on either end.

$1.00 each (Non-refundable)

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Evans Furniture Company was incorporated in 1945 and was the largest independent Danish modern furniture store in Los Angeles until it closed in 1968. The Evans family continued in the mail-order business refurbishing Dux and Selig furniture cushions and straps. We are exclusively mail order and no longer have a retail store. Our offer of exchange or refund on defective items remains the same since 1945: Your complete satisfaction. However, we must hear from you within 10 days of receipt. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery within the U.S. Now that our cutter has retired, we no longer make covers and cushions. The Fagas straps are now being produced by their third Danish manufacturer but they continue to be made to the original specifications.