90-Degree Angle Metal Grips

  • Details:
    • The 90-Degree angle Metal Grips are used on furniture with slots that are 90-degrees to horizontal, or in other words, the slot goes up and down. The alternative slot angle is 45-degrees, for which you would require our Evans Clips Patented. Metal grips are easy to crimp to the ends of Poly Webbing and snap into your seat frame! All you need is a scissor and pair of pliers.
    • 90-degree Metal Grips and webbing are sold together as Furniture Packs or separately if your furniture has unique requirements.
  • Is the 90-Degree Angle Metal Grip right for me?
    • If your furniture has 90-degree angle slots, you need 90-Degree angle Metal Grips. To determine the angle of your slots, find something stiff, such as a credit card, and place it into the slot. Look at the angle at which it stands apart from the seat frame. If it looks vertical, you have 90-degree angle slots. If it is somewhere between horizontal and vertical, you have 45-degree angle slots. [For 45-degree angle slots, you need Evans Clips Patented. For all other types of seat frames (e.g., those requiring loop straps or Expersprings), you may simply staple the webbing to the seat frame or consult a local upholsterer.]
  • Instructions:
    • Measure the slot-to-slot distance BOTH from side-to-side and front-to-back on your seat frame, depending on whether you have slots at the front and back, or on all sides. To create straps running front-to-back or in both directions, plan for the straps to be 1-inch apart, and cut each length of webbing to the slot-to-slot distance, which will allow for some stretch when installing them into the slots, with grips attached. Click here to see which Furniture Pack is right for you. For custom ordering, calculate the total number of inches, rounding to the nearest foot. (Please do not measure your old, stretched out straps.) Click on Poly Webbing and order the total feet you need.
    • Creating straps: Crimp the 90-degree Metal Grips onto the ends of webbing, ensuring the little metal "lip" is facing the same direction on both ends. The webbing end will be inside the grip, which will bend down at a 90-degree angle into the slot in your seat frame, with the little metal "lip" resting on the inside edge of the seat frame, protecting your strap.