How to measure, assemble and install 45-degree Evans Clips and webbing on your Danish Mid-Century Furniture

How to install 45-degree Evans Clips and webbing on your Danish Mid-Century Furniture

Q: What do you recommend for refinishing my furniture?

A: Taking care of a Danish modern Scandinavian design piece, such as a Selig and Dux chair is easy with these simple steps. To revitalize your furniture piece, remove the cushions and sand the wood evenly (fine sand paper or fine steal wool), paying close attention to intricate areas; wipe the furniture thoroughly with a minimally damp cloth, allowing the piece to then dry completely. To enhance the brilliance of the wood and preserve the piece for years to come, use an oil based finish, such as Danish Oil Finish that corresponds with the tree type. Apply oil in an even coat to all of the furniture parts and pieces with a paintbrush and wait about 5 to 7 minutes between applying coats. Application of coats of oil should continue until the wood no longer absorbs the oil. The finish will penetrate deep into the pores of the wood and strengthen the wood from the inside out, leaving the wood with a rich warm glow. The furniture should once again receive a thorough wiping with a clean cloth to get rid of the excess oil. The furniture should sit for 12 hours to completely dry before adding straps and cushions.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my order?

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Q: Why can't I replace only the straps that are broken?

A: If you do not replace all of the straps, the new ones will be providing more support than your old, stretched-out straps. They will wear out quicker and your cushions will be unevenly supported, decreasing the comfort of your furniture.

Q: What do I order if my furniture uses loop straps?

A: You can use Evans ClipsPatented and Premium webbing: Once crimped onto the end of your new webbing, bend the 45-degree angle flaps back a little more than 90 degrees. It will fit in the edge of the opening on the underside of your seat frame. Click here to see images at the bottom of the page.

A: Alternatively, you can use Premium webbing and wooden doweling: Measure the slot-to-slot distance and add 10 inches to each length. Cut and remove old straps. Cut doweling (not sold here) into sections for each individual piece of webbing. Cut new webbing into required lengths including the extra 10 inches. Insert webbing down through the opening in the seat frame, pull through 5 inches, place the cut dowel against the slot opening, and pull the end of webbing up through the slot so it holds the dowel to the seat frame and is underneath the long length of webbing. Then repeat on the opposite side.

Q: How are Fagas Straps different from Webbing?

A: Fagas Straps are rubber and have 45-degree angle metal clips attached at each end. They are meant to stretch and snap into 45-degree angle slots in your furniture frame. Premium Upholsterer's Webbing is rubbery in texture, but it is inlaid with heavy-duty cloth mesh -- it does not stretch much at all. If you have 90-degree slots in your furniture (i.e. vertical slots), you can attach 90-degree metal grips (which we sell) to each end. if you have 45-degree angle slots and you wish to use Premium webbing or Poly webbing, you can attach 45-degree Evans Clips Patented (which we sell) to each end. If your furniture does not have slots for grips or clips, you can staple or screw the Premium Upholsterer's webbing to the seat frame.

Q: I don't have a PayPal account.

A: You don't need one. PayPal merely manages the transaction. You may pay with your credit card without signing up for, or using a PayPal account.

Q: How do I know if I have 45-degree or 90-degree slots?

A: The easiest way to know is to place something like a credit card into the slot in your seat frame. If the card stands up vertically, you have 90-degree angled slots. If the card stands up at an angle, you have 45-degree angled slots. Furthermore, the 90-degree angle slots are wider than the 45-degree angle slots.

Q: Do you sell those rubber-coated metal coil straps?

A: We are currently looking into ways to supply these, but have not found a satisfactory solution yet. Our best recommendation at this time is to use webbing or to go to an upholsterer.

Q: Why do you sell Evans Clips Patented and webbing instead of Fagas Straps?

A: We designed and developed our own Scandinavian-made Evans ClipsPatented to replace Fagas Straps. Our 45-degree angle clips are more customizeable, last longer, and cost significantly less than Fagas Straps.