Poly Webbing

  • Details:
    • Poly Webbing is coated in nylon for durability and longevity. It is 2" wide and comes in lengths found in the drop-down menu here, or included in a Furniture Pack. It is slightly stretchier than Premium Webbing, but not as much as a pure rubber strap, so when measuring, only account for up to two inches of stretch.
  • Instructions:
    • To measure, follow path of old webbing. If you have 45-degree slots, cut webbing 1/2" shorter than the slot-to-slot distance. If you have 90-degree slots, cut the webbing to the slot-to-slot distance. Secure with Evans Clips Patented, 90-Degree Angle Metal Grips, or if your furniture does not have slots, heavy-duty stapes or nails (do not use furniture tacks as they will pop out with pressure). When custom-ordering webbing and clips/grips separately, you will receive the length you order from our drop-down menu. We recommend assembling one strap (i.e., attaching clips/grips to a length of webbing) first, insert it into your seat frame, and use it as a template for the remaining straps. This will allow you to make any adjustments to the length per your personal preferences.