Premium Upholsterer's Webbing


  • This authentic 2-inch (50.8mm) width rubber webbing comes directly from the same group who originally manufactured Pirelli webbing in the early 1950s. The company was known as Pirelli GRG Division (General Rubber Goods) in the 1950s, and was created in order to find a commercial outlet for the high quantities of surplus rubber produced in the Pirelli Tire Division. Having undergone a number of company name changes since then, the webbing is still manufactured in the same way in the same small town as it was originally. This is the high quality webbing you will see when reupholstering classic Mid-Century furniture, and the same webbing still used today by quality furniture manufacturers. There are many fakes or replicas on the market today, but you can buy the real thing with confidence at Evans Co.
  • Premium Upholsterer's Webbing is rubber webbing that is inlaid with fine cloth mesh for durability and longevity. It is 2' wide and comes in lengths found in the drop-down menu here. It only stretches a very small amount, so when measuring, only account for up to an inch of stretch.

Is Premium Upholsterer's Webbing right for me?

If you are using Evans Clips Patented or 90-Degree Angle Metal Grips, you will need Premium Webbing to make your straps.


  • To measure, follow path of old webbing. If you have 45-degree slots, cut webbing to the exact slot-to-slot distance or '" shorter. If you have 90-degree slots, add minimum of 1 inch at each end to attach. Secure with Evans Clips Patented, 90-Degree Angle Metal Grips, or if your furniture does not have slots, heavy-duty stapes or nails (do not use furniture tacks as they will pop out with pressure). We do not cut to individual strap sizes but send orders in one piece (see drop-down menu above). To make strap template, attach end of roll to chair. Pull taught across to other side of chair frame and, leaving enough room to clip, staple or nail, mark where to cut. Use this piece as template for cutting other webbing pieces.
  • Using Premium webbing and/or Evans ClipsPatented to replace Loop Straps.
    Some chairs or ottomans had webbing with a loop on both ends. These loops were threaded through wide openings in the seat frame and held in place with wooden dowels that rested in grooves on the underside of the seat frame. If you have this type of furniture, you are looking to replace Loop Straps.
    • Using Evans ClipsPatented and Premium webbing: Once crimped onto the end of your new webbing, bend the 45-degree angle flaps back a little more than 90 degrees, as shown below in Image 1. It will fit in the edge of the opening on the underside of your seat frame, as shown in Image 2 below. In Image 3, you see an ottoman with Evans ClipsPatented and Premium webbing used to replace loop straps.
    • Using Premium webbing: Measure the slot-to-slot distance and add 10 inches to each length. Cut and remove old straps. Cut doweling into sections for each individual piece of webbing. Cut new webbing into required lengths including the extra 10 inches. Insert webbing down through the opening in the seat frame, pull through 5 inches, place the cut dowel against the slot opening, and pull the end of webbing up through the slot so it holds the dowel to the seat frame and is underneath the long length of webbing. Then repeat on the opposite side.

Image 1: Evans ClipPatented with the flaps bent back > 90-degrees

Image 2: View from the bottom, showing the position of the Evans ClipPatented and bent-back flaps in the channel for the wooden dowel

Image 3: Z-Chair ottoman from the top, showing the new straps with Evans ClipsPatented